Dave & Linda can arrange a waste disposal service second to none!

A Service can be placed at the location of your choice.

The plastic bins we have available have 4 swivel wheels with brakes for ease of mobility and safety, and a plastic lid. They’re also animal bestdatingsitesrating.com and vermin proof, making them ideal for rural properties. They can be used for all sorts of purposes, such as additional waste, garden waste and debris.

Please do not use the plastic bins for concrete or steel.

The bins are easy to clean and maneuver, are convenient and they can save time and tip fees (and hassles!).

With our bins there will be no more loading and unloading the trailer or ute and no heavy lifting. They’re quick, easy, safe and they can be dropped off and removed to/from your front door (depending on accessibility and access).

Multiple bins and multiple sites are no problem at all!

Areas we service

Bins provided can be from 240lt bins to 660lts and are flexible to the household requirements.

Serviced Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly:



Serviced Fortnightly and Monthly only:

  • HALL


CANBERRA – 660lt Bins:

Replaced the standard trash packs, our customers find the ease of moving around the garden an advantage with also being clean, tidy and vermin proof.

The Canberra service us based in a 4 week pick-up cycle. Ideal for extra household rubbish as well as lawn and tree clippings.

Why Are We The Best?

40 Years
If we’ve managed to be around and stay in business for 40+ years, we must be doing something right!
Australian Owned
As we’re Australian owned and operated, you can be sure that our company is local and in touch with rural needs and concerns, which we express through our products.
Great Quality
Providing you don’t buy one for the express purpose of riding them down hills, our bins will last a lifetime!

Animal and Vermin Proof

Our bins are animal and vermin proof, meaning you’ll never have to fight for your trash with one of natures furry nuisances!

4 Swivel Wheels with Brakes

The 4 swivel wheels on our bins allow you to get your bins to places that other bins can’t, and you’ll be able to wheel them around even when they’re full, rather than having to break your back lifting them like other bins. Plus the brakes prevent them from rolling away on you, which is a handy feature indeed!

660 Litre Capacity

One thing you find wishing with most other bins is that they’re either far too big or far too small for the job they’re needed for. We’ve found that the 660 litre capacity is right in that sweet spot where they’re perfect for just about any job, whether it’s filling them with garden wastes after a backyard cleanup, or filling them up with excess garbage before you move house, or one of many other uses; they’ll get the job done!